Suuuuch a super duper ah-mah-zing class

Athlete Yoga

Helping stiff & exhausted people find energy for tomorrow's workout and day to day life activities.

Athlete Yoga is for individuals who workout on a regular basis, play sports, or have a very active lifestyle which cause stiffness and exhaustion.  So these classes aren't about just getting into yoga poses.  Its about creating strength for your workouts, preventing injury, gaining energy for the day to day life activities.

Cost: Donation Based & You do not have to be a member of the gym

Every Thursdays, 7pm

Every Sundays, 9am


At Stay Classy Crossfit

2191 Main St.


Cross streets Sampson & Main

Entrance is off Sampson

Go through Warehouse and to the left...You will hear the gym jamming out on Thursdays, but then silent as a mouse on Sundays! :)

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1744 National Ave., San Diego, CA 92113 |  |  Tel. 858.750.0041

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