My Yoga Teaching Style

All of my classes are beginner friendly with an everyday athlete's mind in consideration.  So even though it's beginner, I like to challenge and keep my students moving.  Mostly because I have a short attention span, but also because mobilityand strengthening is just as important as stretching the muscles that support your hip joints.

If you aren't an "athlete", its totally ok! It's just a title for someone who plays a sport or who is highly active. Maybe you used to be highly active.  It doesn't matter.  There is an athlete in all of us. You don't have to label yourself as an athlete.  Everyone needs yoga.  

More about my teaching...

I like to make yoga light, relatable, & fun.  At the same time take the "I'm not flexible enough" out of your mindset.  My approach is to get you to feel comfortable, get you used to the poses, get you flexible and mobile. .  I'm not an airy fairy yoga instructor, who I love so much.  I am airy fairy when needed. LOL! 

Ive been told I'm offbeat, cheesy, informal, and very untraditional.  So, if you are looking for a traditional yoga class, I'm just not that teacher.  I do my best in keeping my cheese ball moments at a minimum but my brain immediately goes to extreme cheese when I teach.  Mmmmm extreme cheese sounds AMAZING!


I like to have fun and don't take myself serious at all.  So, you will notice that I make mistakes in my classes here and there,  I let out some stupid remarks, and I laugh, ALOT.  

I love when people laugh out loud because many of my students are so focused on getting into the pose.  They are sometimes forcing themselves into the pose.  That is not the focus I would want my students to have.  It's not about just getting into poses.  It's about honoring your body and accepting the level it may be at.  Don't force yourself into any pose.  If you stay committed, your body will learn how to get into the poses without you even trying.

Go to my YOMO with Sandy site to hear how I teach