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Why I offer a 2 hour massage for sport injuries

When it comes to massage for sport injuries, there is a lot of debate about how long the massage should last. There are proponents of giving athletes a full hour massage, arguing that the longer treatment will help to reduce inflammation and allow the athlete to recover faster.

Proponents of shorter treatments argue that any reduction in inflammation will be minimal and that the therapist could instead focus on the range of motion in the injured muscle or the use of targeted stretching exercises to help speed up the recovery process.

As far as I am concerned, there is no right answer to this question and it depends on the needs of each individual athlete. There is no right or wrong amount of time to treat an injury as long as the massage is tailored to the needs of the individual patient.

In my opinion, a 2-hour massage is the ideal treatment for sport injuries because this type of treatment is long enough to allow the muscles to relax and the massage therapist to focus on improving the range of motion in the injured area. It is also short enough so that the therapist can complete the treatment in a reasonable amount of time and the patient doesn't feel rushed.

In addition, a 2-hour massage provides ample time for the therapist to address any related issues or secondary concerns that may have arisen due to the injury, such as compensatory muscle imbalances or postural deviations.

Ultimately, a 2-hour massage strikes the perfect balance between efficient and effective treatment for sport injuries, allowing both therapist and athlete to work together toward a common goal of promoting healing and a return to peak performance. In conclusion, the 2-hour massage duration for sport injuries has been carefully selected to provide optimal benefits for both the athlete and therapist in addressing pain, facilitating recovery, and preventing further complications.

Be sure to schedule your 2 hour session with me as soon as you can. Lets get you moving again.

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