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What is Sport Massage?

Updated: Jan 5

I get asked this very often. A lot of people get confused that there are different types of massage modalities. Massage therapist don't do every single modality. Those of us who have experience in the industry, will most likely specialize. Such as myself! I specialize in sport massage or what can be called deep tissue massage, Myofacial release, soft tissue manipulation, or pain management.

Sport Massage is a form of bodywork, consisting of deep tissue or soft tissue manipulation to help prevent injury, help one to recover from sport or workout activity, and help release pain and tension. Typically this modality is not a full body massage and is a very focused massage. For example, if you have hip pain, we will work only on the muscles that may be causing the hip pain.

Sandy Cole-Cross, Sport Massage Therapist, HHP, Yoga Teacher

Should I get a Sport Massage?

The first thing to think about is what do you want to accomplish with your massage session. Ask yourself these questions:

-Do I want to improve my athletic performance?

-Do I want to feel less pain and more movement in my workouts or day to day activities?

If you say yes to these, sport massage may be the way to go! If you say you want to relax, Swedish or circulatory massage is the way to go.

When do I get a Sport Massage?

1) You are feeling tightness and/or it feels like an injury is about to come on. Sport massage will help your muscles, tendons, and joints gain proper movement. What creates an injury is not just structure deterioration, but also tight muscles not allowing your structure to move properly.

2) You want to improve your athletic performance. If your muscles are able to move freely, you will be faster & stronger.

Sport massage is a modality that I get personally and has helped me tremendously with my workouts, day to day activities, and pain that I have to manage.

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