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How did you get into massage?

Updated: Jan 5

I dont think I have ever posted much about who I am. So I thought I'd post more things about who i am, how my monkey brain functions, and all that jazzzzz. I get asked alot of questions but the most frequent is, How did you get into massage?

To answer this question::::: I was working in property management before this journey into massage. I hated it!! 😂 I hated it so much, that the last thing I said to them was “This is bull”poop”!!” and stormed out. Now, jobless and probably mindless lol at the time. I found a diary in my closet from my early 20's. In it, was a dream of mine to start a day was so detailed. I had drawn pictures of what I wanted my rooms to look like. And in it said, “learn how to be a massage therapist”. I think a tiny seed in my brain. I think about a year later or so, I made a decision to go check out a massage school. I had no job and nothing else to do.

When I got to the school, I got a strange sensation called a gut feeling. I asked my mother for the $800 deposit. At the time, I had no money. Gave IPSB, my massage school, the deposit. I got my 500 hour certification in 2011 and then 2012 I graduated with an Associates Degree in Holistic Health which is more then needed to become a massage therapist. I was hooked!

Now, I work for myself and wouldn’t have it any other way. I love massage and helping people. It's like im giving a gift of relief with every client and that is so satisfying. Im grateful for my amazing clients who basically pay me to torture(their words not mine, but they love it! lol) them and they still come back lolololol. I think it was in my path this whole time.


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