How did I get started in Yoga?

I wanted to offer my clients more ways to care for their body. Hence, why my business name is Essential Body Therapy. What I do IS essential. I can atest to this in my own body. Anywhoooo, thats a soapbox I can stand on aaaaalllll day long 😂.

Let me actually give you the real story lololol. I was a volleyball player who probably played up to 3 times in a day! it was so much fun! My thinghs were crazy large and I was fit(ish) lol. But then life happened and I totally stopped working out especially when I lived in Vegas...ya I lived in Vegas...nope, I did not like it. 😂 Anywhoooo, I became super unfit blah blah make a long story long 😂 I decided that I didn't like yoga and hated it....yep...I know, I know, I hear what you're saying, how could you!?!?! 😂 I just did ok? 😂 I was not flexible and not fit in anyway, that's the real reason why. 😆 So I decided to start doing Jiu Jitsu. I frickin looooooove Jui Jitsu because of my favorit teacher @dominat10n and friend @johnlee1904 I miss going and miss Dom dearly. But then, Dom decided to leave me😂🥺. I sort of stopped BJJ and My chiro/massage therapist/friend @draprilskywalker started doing teacher trainings. I kept telling her I want to do the training. It all worked out to where I could afford to go. Now, I've been teaching for 3 years.

It was seriously alot of chess pieces that moved around and made it so that I could do the training. It's crazy how you can ask the universe to help and it definitely does.

I love teaching. I especially love teaching @stayclassycrossfit ...which is why Im adding more classes and online classes. I really enjoy teaching.

I teach @stayclassycrossfit 🥰🥰

2191 Main St., San Diego, CA

Cross streets are Main & Sampson, the entrance is off Sampson Thursdays 7pm & Sundays 9am. come join me for some YOMO!! . #sandiegoyoga #sandiegoyogalife#yoga #myyogajourney #myyogastory#essentialbodytherapy#yogaandmassage


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