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What is T-Spine or Thoracic Spine?

Well? its your spine! TAH-DAHHHHH! lol ok seriously, it includes your upper back, starting at the base of the neck and extends down to the abdomen.


Why thoracic spine mobility is so import...

When the thoracic spine is operating optimally, it allows you to move in basically all directions. "It's built for mobility and movement, bending and twisting. It's designed for flexion, extension, and rotation," explains Medhat Mikhael, M.D., a pain management specialist for Spine Health Center at Memorial Care Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California. It's what allows you to safely execute basically all the movements you use in everyday activities.


A lack of thoracic spine mobility means that the lumbar spine, pelvis, shoulders and surrounding muscles all compensate to allow you to move how you want to move. Then to top this off of not being able to move correctly, there is an increase injury risk for the lumbar or low back such as inflammation, degeneration, herniation of the discs, general low back pain, muscle spasms, etc! ya there is an "etc" after all of that! 


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