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What is Sport Massage?

A form of bodywork consisting of deep tissue or soft tissue manipulation to help prevent injury and help recover from sport activity and injury.

Why should I get a Sport Massage?

1) Prevent Injury  

Sport Massage will help your muscles, tendons, and joints gain proper movement.  As an active person, you want your muscles to be able to move freely.  Strong & supple muscles will protect tendons and joints, which will help you prevent injury.

2) Improve Athletic Performance

If your muscles are able to move freely with proper blood flow, you will be faster, stronger and feel lighter in your body.  

3) Pain Reduction 

Have you ever had that nagging pain during a workout? Do you stop doing your workout?  Do you compromise that particular body part to be able to perform your sport? Well? if you have flexible and proper blood flow to those areas that you feel pain, the pain will stop or reduce in the pain sensation.  This will add to your improved athletic performance.

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