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YOMO with Sandy


Thursdays 715pm

Sundays 9am

What is YOMO?

YOMO is, well? Yoga & Mobility. lol


These are dynamic yoga+mobility focused classes.  They are simple full body or a targeted flow that will warm the body and prep the body for your workouts or day to day activities.  All levels will be able to do these flows.  These sessions are great for:

-  Beginner athletes just starting in CrossFit or other sports.

-  Day before competition.

-  In between workout mobility to help prevent injury, delay soreness, and

   recover from a hard workout.

-  Post injury rehabilitation strength & flexibility training.

-  Increasing focus not just in workouts, but for everyday life.

These are beginner friendly classes.  You don't have to be an athlete or someone who plays sports.  

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