Super Beginner Yoga

Ya gotta start somewhere...

2 Classes for the absolute beginners or the absolute inflexible.  All good, I got you!  

Ya gotta start somewhere and what better way to start but in the comfort of your own home.  

3 classes:

Sun Salutation A

Getting to know yoga and waking up the body - 11:17 minutes

Sun Salutation B

Learn Warrior poses, warm up the body, & get a low impact workout at the same time. - 18:43 minutes

Practice Pose

Learning Malasana AKA Basic Squat

Fantastic pose to start creating a stronger squat and gain flexibility in the hips.


Limited Time:

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Mega Mobility for stronger & healthier 


Beginner Athlete Yoga

Beginner athlete yoga is basically classes for the stiff and inflexible. These classes are specific to opening hips to help you gain power in your workouts, reduce low back pain, help prevent injury, and so much more!

These classes are anatomy based with a specific area of focus. You can pick and choose and do these classes in any order you feel you need.

4 classes:

1)  Hamstrings & Adductors

2) Outside Hips & Hips Flexors

3) Outside Hips & Adductors

4) Hamstrings & Hip Flexors


$4.99 dowload & keep for life

$2.99 Rent for 72 hours

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