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Meet Sandy

Massage Therapist, #33800

Holistic Health Practitioner

Yoga Instructor, YTT200

Owner of Essential Body Therapy

Sandy became a massage therapist in 2011.  She attended International Professional School of Bodywork and graduated with an Associates Degree in Holistic Health.  This means she finished with 1,230 hours of training versus the typical 500 hours of training.  She specialized in clinical methods and Thai Massage.  She has learned techniques from Thai Massage to Tui Nah to Deep Tissue Sculpting and much more.  She has also finished her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and now teaches a Deep Stretch Hatha style yoga class at Stay Classy Crossfit.  


Sandy specializes in Sport Massage.  She will address specific injuries/challenges through a combination of deep tissue compressions and passive stretching (based on Thai Massage).  The focus is on specific muscle tissue mobilization/structural shifts rather than a full-body sensory or pampering experience as is typically offered with a standard spa-style massage.

She designs her sessions to help clients: 

*Reduce, manage, and/or eliminate pain.
*Gain flexibility for less joint pain.
*Improve athletic performance.
*Increase injury prevention & decrease re-injury

Her massage style will be firm but mindful. Clients are mostly clothed, allowing her to do passive joint movements combined with firm muscle compressions.  


As a Yoga Instructor, Sandy bases her classes off injury prevention and workout recovery   


Most of her classes are Hatha style class which means poses are held longer and the pace is slower. From time to time, she will throw in a Vinyasa class, which is a breath to movement format and can be slightly faster. Her vinyasa classes are created to build strength in the body and mind and will always have a focus. Such as, opening the hips or lengthening the hamstrings. Also, most of the time, she will use nontraditional yoga music (for example, classic rock) to make the classes unique and mostly to have fun.  



She encourages her students to not take yoga so seriously and that perfection is not needed in these classes.  She loves having inflexible students. She has been inflexible herself and is still working on her flexibility to this day. 

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