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Sport Massage & YOMO(yoga+Mobility)

Meet Sandy

Sport Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor

Thank you for visiting.  I have been a Sport Massage Therapist since 2012 and a Yoga Instructor since 2017.  I specialize in helping active people with muscle fatigue and restriction find movement.  Pain management is my jam!  I will strategize with you on how you can gain freedom from body pain with massage and yoga.  I strive for results and don't stop til we collaboratively find a root problem of the restriction and pain.

My Offerings

Sport Massage -

Deep Tissue/ 

Soft Tissue Manipulation

Teach Group Yoga+Mobility

at Stay Classy Crossfit



Online Programs

2 weeks to 30 Days

Sandy listens so well and adapts to whatever issues or tension I'm dealing with in my body each time - no cookie cutter massage here. Even on the deep tissue days ("delicious discomfort" as she calls it), I walk out of her place feeling nothing but gratitude for her skill and care.

- Heather W.

Sandy is hilarious! Her knowledge of anatomy is fascinating and her ability to get your body moving to prepare for certain poses is incredible. The classes are fun and informative in a way that I hadn’t experienced in a yoga class before. You can be at any level in your ability and enjoy these classes.

- Andrew

The best therapeutic massage I have ever had!  Sandy focused on the areas that I needed work on for my triathlon training and I felt great afterwards. She is professional, focused, and caring in her work.

- Chelsea G.

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