Helping active people master their pain and conquer their injury.

Do you struggle with...

Fatigue During Workouts

Pain from an old injury that won't go away


Lack of Joint Mobility

Lack of Focus

Constant re-injury of an old injury

Treat Your Body Like The Temple It Is.

When you want to get your work out in for the day, but

-your body feels pain,

-you have no energy, or

-your inflexibility hinders you from your work out,


That can be extremely frustrating.  


I understand because I am there with you! I have an impingement in my low  back, that I struggle with.  But with massage and yoga. I am able to manage the pain that comes along with this sort of injury.  I'm able to do my workouts & I'm able to live my life comfortably without pain in my body.  


If I can do it, so can you!

Sandy Cole-Cross, #33800

Sport Massage Therapist 

Holistic Health Practitioner

Yoga Teacher

Massage is all about trust, intention, presence, focus and knowledge of anatomy; a skillful blend of science and individual feel/touch. Sandy's treatment was very good and fulfilled all the above.

Arnaud A.

Massage Therapist

Sandy focused on the areas that I needed work on for my triathlon training and I felt great afterwards. She is professional, focused, and caring in her work.

Sandy is very perceptive to tension, ache, and stress. She also answered all my questions about massage and my body, teaching me how address certain asymmetries in my workout/yoga/surf  routine.

Chelsea G.

Triathlete, Marathoner

Jarod R.


How do you want to work with Sandy?


Sport Massage

Each session is designed to help clients: 

-Reduce, manage, and/or eliminate pain.
-Gain flexibility for less joint pain.
-Improve athletic performance.
-Increase injury prevention & decrease re-injury

Sandy's massage style will be firm but mindful.

Athlete Yoga

This is a beginner friendly class.  You will gain:

-Improved athletic performance such as increased power, strength, and speed.
-Better Endurance
-Enhanced workout recovery.
-Improved focus.
-Better Balance.
-Pain Relief.
-Increased Injury Prevention.
-Increased Respiratory Capacity

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