Helping Stiff & Exhausted people find energy for tomorrow's workout.

Due to the Covid-19, Massage Services are on hold til further notice.

I want to be able to serve my clients in some manner though.  

Officially announcing:

Online Programs and

Live Facebook Classes

With the Covid-19 forcing us to do social distancing.  These programs and classes can be done germ free in your living room!

I'll help you, keep your body moving during these social distancing times.  

With my classes:

  • You will gain strength and flexibility,

  • You will prevent injury & recover for your home based workouts,

  • Inflexible people won't have to feel intimidated to do yoga,

  • and so much more! - without spending a fortune on a monthly membership.

To sign up for the Live Facebook Classes Click Here

Check out my online programs below! 

Hips Hips Hooray - 7 days to Unlock Tight Hips - Self Paced

$14.00Regular Price$7.00Sale Price

14 Days To Break Through Tight Hips - Begins April 19th, 2020

$50.00Regular Price$25.00Sale Price

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