Essential Programs

Turning Anxiety to Confidence

In this program you will self discover organically and on your own terms.  You will gain the confidence needed to accomplish financial goals, getting through the day without feeling anxious, and love who you are from the inside out.

Thank You!

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-Sandy Cole

This program includes:

  • Massage Therapy
  • One on One support
  • Yoga
  • Food Therapy- nutritional guidance to heal from the inside out
  • Art Meditation - Monkey Brain Meditation - Silent meditation - Gong Meditation
  • Sacred Circles - Group support circles to talk with others going through the same thing
  • Holistic workshops that encourage finding the root of our anxiety

Upcoming Events...

          Dates to be determined.

Art Meditation Workshop

Mala Bead Necklace Sacred Circle

Macrame Meditation

Dream interpretation through spoken word and art


Self Discovery Workshops

Connecting our physical and emotional body healing circle

Painting our dreams to heal our subconscious

Sacred Circle

Monthly womens group; each month a different theme will be a topic


Simple cooking classes and how to use certain herbs for healing

  • Gain Movement
  • Gain Range of Motion
  • Rehabilitate post injury faster
  • Have an overall feeling of being able to physically/emotionally train and compete with confidence.
  • Decerease the chance of injury

This program includes:

  • 90minute to 2 Hour Massage Therapy Sessions
  • Pre-Competition Massage/Post Competition Massage
  • Nutrition Guidance to encourage performance and increase rehabilitation 

Weekend Warrior High Performance

This program is designed for the injured weekend warrior that is training for upcoming triathlons, marathons, or cycle events.  I work with athletes who have injuries that prohibit them from training.  With this package you will: