Yoga helped me to stay limber to help reduce injuries due to tight muscles and joints. I found myself being able to focus better and breathe more efficiently using the techniques Sandy taught me during yoga. Sandy also provided valuable nutritional advice (and samples) I put into practice to cut weight for the tournament in a healthy and safe manner. For example, she suggested I supplement with magnesium in the evening to help muscle repair and to add L-glutamine for better recovery after training sessions. Not only did Sandy help pre-competition, she (and her assistant/fiancé Bo) came to the tournament on the day of competition to help me stretch, stay relaxed, take photos, and cheer me on. Both physically and mentally- that kind of support significantly boosts anyone’s performance.

The whole pre-competition package worked in synergy to help me prepare physically and mentally for the tournament. It’s not possible to single out which part helped more or less. All I know is the sum total of Sandy’ program was very effective. In comparison to all my prior competition experiences- I was the most relaxed and focused than in any other competitions. I performed physically well- not experiencing any fatigue, tightness, or gassing out as I have done in previous competitions. I was able to perform at a high enough level to take second place and compete respectably against some very prepared and able opponents.

I would not take out any component to the program. My advice is more for the competitor going to Sandy- contact her early enough to benefit fully from the program and be serious about scheduling enough sessions before the competition. Though I started three weeks before, I feel there was potential for even more benefit if I had started just one more week earlier. That is not to say there was little benefit to Sandy’s program. Even in the three weeks, I gained a tremendous benefit that translated to a significantly improved competition performance. Last benefit to the program (probably the MOST important)- I was able to enjoy my daughter’s college graduation the day after my comp with very little pain and soreness.

John L. Full Testimonial -

Sandy, through her athletic wellness program helped me to perform much better than I would have without the program. Massage was a tremendous help to my recovery in between workouts. In preparation for the tournament, I had to train at a significantly higher intensity level for longer periods of time, at higher speeds, and many more times during the week. Massage helped my muscles to get rid of the waste products generated during heavy muscle activity and for them to rebuild and recover quickly in between training sessions.

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I've been having a lot of chronic pain for several years now, and meeting Sandy has really, really helped soothing it. I really like how she treats me with a lot of respect and care. Plus, she really knows what she is doing, my body can tell! Every time I've a session with her I feel so much better! Sandy is much more than a massage therapist; she is a real healer in every sense of the word because she approaches pain in a holistic way. She goes beyond treating the body to actually energetically connecting and understanding her patients. Her massages are profoundly revitalizing, that is why I'm planning on having one at least once a week. Thanks Sandy!

Reyna B., San Diego, CA

I've been getting massaged by Sandy pretty regularly for a couple years now and I would not go to anyone else.  She is great at what she does, has a keen ability to find the problem spots without you telling her, and she's very comfortable to be around.  On the business side, she is very flexible with scheduling and appreciative for the business.  I highly recommend her!
Eric R., LISW, Downtown San Diego, CA

Sandy is wonderful. I love being able to relax in my own space. Sandy brings everything with her to create a spa like environment in your own home.  What I like most about Sandy's massages are that she tailors them to my needs.  You don't get the standard routine massage that you usually do at spas.  Sandy is able to assess and work your individual trouble zones to create a relaxing and therapeutic massage. I would (and have) recommended Sandy to many of my friends!

Melissa F, Carlsbad, CA

Stress is part of everyone’s life, I’ve heard someone say that the day we stop feeling stress is the day we are gone for good.  Working 12 hr shifts as a registered nurse in a critical care environment makes stress inevitable for me. I’ve gotten many massages but it was not until I met Sandy and became her client that I noticed a true difference in my body and also on my stress levels. What makes Sandy so unique is that she genuinely cares about her clients. I was amazed to experience how quickly she recognizes problem areas and customizes her sessions according to those problems. She not only treats those problem areas with massage but also educates the client regarding potential sources and how to treat such areas. Now that I am training for my 1st half marathon Sandy has customize massage sessions specifically to aid with training and  has given me great tips on how to stretch and train to achieve my goal injury free.

I am forever grateful, thanks Sandy J

Melissa A., Downtown San Diego


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