Testimonial Shorts...

"...She is great at what she does, has a keen ability to find the problem spots without you telling her..."


"...Sandy is able to assess and work your individual trouble zones to create a relaxing and therapeutic massage..."

Type of massage available...

Sandy does an integration of Deep Tissue/Deep Tissue Sculpting (Deep Tissue without oil), Neuro-muscular Therapy, Thai Massage, and structural integration.  Her work is muscle specific, therapeutic and relaxing at the same time.   She is not afraid to get into the muscle but understands that muscles take time to relax and treats muscles as if they are the most precious things in life. She tunes in with her client's energy and focuses on what needs to be worked on, relaxed, or needs a bit of energy flow.  She is highly passionate about her work and takes a lot of pride in helping her clients. Sandy's focus is pain management, injury rehabilitation or prevention, and athletic event preparation.    

Why Massage Therapy?

Sandy became a Massage Therapist because the human body fascinates her.  She says "It amazes me to visually see my client's body initially tensed up and then after their body looks so relaxed.".  Most of all, she chose this career because she gets to help people feel good.


Sandy graduated from International Professional School for Bodywork in San Diego, CA with an Associates Degree in Holistic Health. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner Massage Therapist. This means she has over 1230 hours of education versus the state required 500 hours to become a massage therapist.  She believes educating herself is important and continues to do her studies in clinical methods and Thai Massage. She is currently studying for her Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Sandy Cole

License Massage Therapist

Holistic Health Practitioner


Originally from Northern California, Sandy has lived in San Diego for a total of 8 years.  She came here in 2001 for 5 years, left to go live in the "Little Big City" AKA Las Vegas, and then came back to San Diego.  Currently she resides in Mission Beach, which she loves.  She loves to surf, walk her "cow dog" Hank, skateboards on the boardwalk, and take walks on the beach with the love of her life.